Oversized is usually used when talking about clothes; when a sweatshirt, a jacket or a pair of sneakers are oversized, it means that even if they're your size, they seem much bigger, swallen or blasted. If you wear a jacket larger than your size, it's not oversized, it's just not your size
"Daaamn Alex, where did you get that jecket from?"
"This? You like it don't you? It is oversized, and makes me seem much bigger than I am"
"Yaeh cool, but where did you get this from?"
"I ain't tell ya, I know nigga, you'd copy it, you bastard"
by Le Magnifique February 22, 2020
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One who supervises and watches slaves in the work place. The overseer.
Your a free man Fredrick and you can work anywhere you want but you can't because being an overseer like me is a tough job, you can't work as good as I can so go back to your cotton pickin job.
by Rapper Gijoe May 14, 2017
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My mother has a brother and a sister; they are my oversiblings.
by Smorke February 15, 2022
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Oversized Watermelon (1). Someone who acts like they're not a slut but they really are.
Bob: "Hey man, I banged Lisa last night."

Phil: "I thought she wasn't looking for love."

Bob: "No, she's just an oversized watermelon."
by Mr.Rot April 29, 2018
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Things that cute short boys wear as nothing fits them properly, ask my friend, she has one of these boys.
“I see your wearing your oversized hoodie, Xander
“Shut up you pervert, it’s the only thing that fits!”
by 2020 is Satan April 8, 2020
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Synonymous with "parents", as defined by Stewie Griffin
"It seems the domestic overseers are plotting against me" -Stewie Griffin
by SMjdawg13 January 2, 2006
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A big fucking hoodie. A hoodie with a huge fucking hood.
Imagine fitting 2-12 people in one hoodie... that's an oversized hoodie.
by theFreak315 August 12, 2011
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