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Personification that occurs when some dude flips out violently in public and looks like the character Blanka from Street Fighter. See Hulk, but add electricity.
Zach started scratching at Phil's face, then bent over and emitted static shock. He was straight Blanka'in' on his ass!
by T Hizzle April 06, 2005

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I was at the Circus once and I saw the Lion Tamer lift up the elephant's tail, and it started dropping baseball-sized turds like a token dispenser at the arcade.
God damn, look at that thing go!
by T Hizzle May 01, 2005

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An insulting name that is used to mockingly exaggerate a short person's height by measuring it in inches rather than feet.
How it is, Inches? We're about to go shoot some hoops. No, you're too short to be on my team, Inches. Hahahaha!
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005

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A hand signal exchanged between friends in which they each bump each other's fists thumb-side up. Many friendly people have this worked into a set handshake that may also include a hand slide or other sophisticated hand greeting.
Homeboys bump it when they kick it.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005

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1) To lift or retract a metallic cover, esp. the hood or trunk of one's automobile.

2) A term used to denote "per," as in the context of a price of an item(s).
Pop the trunk man.

These stickers are $4.50 a pop. Son of a bitch!
by T Hizzle April 04, 2005

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Such A Terrifically Anal Neighbor

The type of residential neighbor that occasionally makes small demands in a patronizing passive-aggressive tone that causes insigificant violations of his or her property seem like it should be your personal responsibility to prevent.
Would you mind telling your visitors not to park so close to my driveway? Thanks.

Bite me, Satan.
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005

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Online gamer speak for "my bad."
CptStone324: GOD WTF
AlphaX: mb lol
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005

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