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Shit, Masturbate, Shower
Grant: Want to hang out later?
Robert: Nah i gotta SMS.
Grant: You're texting someone?
Robert: No man, Shit, Masturbate, Shower.
Grant: Ohhh so you're just gay
by Swag Master Cloud January 31, 2011

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To nail pipe on a goal in an athletic competition. Especially lacrosse. Usually yelled by members of a team after one player hits pipe. If a player takes a shot and it nails the pipe anybody is at liberty to yell pipe city. Pipe city is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes players aim for pipe. Its just a statement of fact.
Jack: Yo man what are you doing today?
Alex: Not much bro, probably going to take a trip to pipe-city!!!
Jack: Oh bro count me in!!! I'll bring my spoon!!!
Alex: We can just shoot on scotty's goal.
Jack and Alex: PIPE CITYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Jack: Bro i was just ripping shots but i couldn't get out of pipe city!!!
JP: You are the man. Can i be friends with you?
by Swag Master Cloud August 10, 2010

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The act of beating someone with Keystone Lights after they have committed a party foul. Keystones can be thrown or put into a sock in order to beat the party fouler but its standard that at least 10 Keystones are used to inflict sufficient damage.
Marcus: Holy crap! What happened to Jack?
James: He spilt his beer so we immediately Stoned him.
Marcus: What is stoning?
James: We beat him with Keystones.
Marcus: Oh that would explain the blood.
by Swag Master Cloud August 09, 2011

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Down with double penetration. A female (or male) who is okay with having too penises in her/his body at the same time
Grant: YOOO man Alice was great last night!!!
JP: Yea i know man!!! I can't believe she was DWDP!!!
Grant: DWDP?
JP: You know. Down with double penetration.
Grant: Oh yea. I mean its not a big deal though. Its kind of her job.
by Swag Master Cloud August 18, 2010

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Noun: Essentially a champion of swag. Someone who is victorious in all contests regarding levels of "swag". They will also dress appropriately for the role, often sporting fur/leopard print. Association with copious amounts of fine ladies is also a vital component. A true swag champion also never addresses himself as such, but will rather respond to compliment by saying something profound and walking away with some sexy bitches by his side.
Paige: Who is that cute guy over there?
Shannon: Which one?
Paige: The hot one in the leopard vest with the gold chains and wearing white shades inside.
Shannon: OHH yes he is a fine piece of ass, but you should watch out, it looks like he's a swag champion, he wouldn't treat us hoes kindly.
Paige: That's a damn shame
by Swag Master Cloud March 31, 2014

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A challenge consisting of one brave lad trying to chug a rack of Keystone Lights up is anus. This task is very challenging and few have succeeded.

This challenge directly tests your girth for example, someone who can do the challenge and survive has incredible girth.
Jack: Oh no what happened to grant?
James: I gave him the Girth challenge and he couldn't take it.
Jack: Thats awful will he be okay?
James: probably not, he had pretty weak girth.
by Swag Master Cloud August 07, 2011

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An exclamation used to show anger or being upset when somebody fucks something up when it looked like you were so close to succeeding. Usually a team thing. Derived from Nick Folk, the awful kicker for the Jets.
Jim: Steve and I were up till 2:30 but our presentation is really good! Right Steve?!?!
Steve: Oh shit I forgot it!

Jim: Wow you just Folked it didn't you...
Steve: I'm sorry!
Jim: I can't believe he Folked it!
Jack: I know what a scrub
by Swag Master Cloud November 28, 2010

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