that sst is so bad at this.
by Magsta December 6, 2006
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The School of REDACTED and REDACTED (privacy)
A school in Singapore, WHICH IS NOT PART OF CHINA
This school is for everyone loving REDACTED and REDACTED.
Ethan: Hey, I passed my direct school admission and got into SST!
by SST Singapore April 19, 2022
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A GI term commonly used in Guantanamo Bay Cuba denoting the "Shit Sucking Truck" that is regularly driven into the camps there to suck out

2)Fecal matter
3)Used tampons
4)Putrid items not described above

from the Portapotties, Portajohns, Portolets, etc. and then dispense fresh clean bluish liquid back in to the shitter.

It can be further described as smelling as if 1000 garbage trucks full of shit were compressed into a shiny silver truck sized container on wheels that drives by when it's hot as hell out.
Goddamn! Sgt Minton, did you just shit your pants?

No you asshole, didn't you see me let the SST in a few minutes ago?
by down range daddy July 20, 2006
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Scenario Specific Term: A term or acronym you use almost never because it describes something in such high detail. Most people acquire various SSTs but maybe get to use them once if they are lucky. Known to clutter minds of those who pay far too much attention to science or anything that overuses abbreviations.
John: My baby has an ELBW
Harry: Okay well what could that possibly mean.
John: Come on, its a term we learned in health class. It means Extremely Low Birth Weight.
Harry: When could anybody ever use that SST?
John: Oh you mean Scenario Specific Term? Well... right now?
Harry: I hope you enjoyed it. I don't think you'll ever use that one again.

Dae Quanne: I'm reading and astronomy magazine... what in god's name is an AO4ELT?
Jerry: That is what we call Adaptive Optics for Extremely Large Telescopes.
Dae Quanne: So basically just a major SST?
Jerry: What's an SST?
by Swag Master Cloud August 17, 2010
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A record lable that brought Husker Du, Black Flag, and the Minutemen to the masses. Or at least the masses that chose to listen. They represent music that hasn't sold out.
by Culpepperreeks November 14, 2005
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