1. Someone who fucks up all the time

2. Someone that never does anything or trys 2 better himself or herself.
3. Someone who takes something good and fucks it up completely
"That guy left his baby with us 2 go with his baby's mama and argue with her for 30 minutes and he does even know us hes a fuckin fouler."

"i dont even think thats his kid cause it doesnt look like him but that foos still a fouler."
by Salinas831 September 05, 2009
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Karen was in such a fouler that she nearly chopped off Dougal's dick.
by Guyaflintero January 15, 2012
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Definition of a Fowler. Fowler is a term used to describe an idiot or a highly unlogical like person.
1. A stupid idiot like person.
2. A person who fouls too much.
3. A justin-like person.
4. A person who fucks up in bed.
5. A person who owes me money for the stuff that asshole ordered
6. A horny bastard.

1. Wow Raul is such a fouler.
2. Wow that batter is such a fouler
3. Wow justin is being so fouler like
4. A fouler is messing with my girl.
5. Justin is such a fouler when it comes to money.
6. Wow justin you are such a fouler for
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