Commitment to the belief that every culture has value, except one's own.
Progressivism began to displace Liberalism as the defacto ideology of the Left, beginning in the 1970's.
by CodeWarrior March 14, 2017
Progressivism is an philosophy-ideology who believed in measured, moderate progress (change) opposed to conservatism, which advocates for miminamul change.

Social Progressivism:This form of progressivism advocates for the change of some societal morals as new research disconfirms the original morals.

Techno-Progressivism: These progressives support development of modern technologies, sometimes bio-technologies, causing conflict with the ideals of Bioconservatism.
Progressivism is contrasted with conservatism, advocating for minimal change, reactionaries that advocate to change society back to a "golden age", and radicals, who advocate for rapid/unmeasured change.
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005
A mental illness that has taken over liberalism and destroyed the political and social left of all western nations. To accurately explain this specific disease would take up far too much time. However, one can see the signs in their fellow humans to tell that they have caught it. They talk about how white men are the root of all evil, yap about the "patriarchy," white privilege, male privilege, and glorify cultural Marxism while pretending it does not exist. They also tend to support any and all feminist and black lives matters campaigns, no matter how ridiculous they are. Lastly, they lack the intelligence and ability to defend their stances on issues since they listen and believe their way through life. This causes them to retaliate to differing opinions with screaming, personal attacks, violence, death threats, bomb threats, property damage, and even doxing people. Another trademark is for them to dogpile a person, group, or even a company that they disagree with in order to get their way.
Thanks to radicals, progressivism is nothing positive, at least not anymore.
by spootyhead December 21, 2016
A political ideology centered around the idea of social, economic, and technological progress.

The traditional Progressive platform usually involves some of the following:
-Single-payer healthcare (especially in the United States)
-Separation of Church and State
-Responsible Gun Regulation (some more-extreme Progressives are anti-gun, but not all of them are)
-Responsible Immigration Reforms (Despite the stereotype, a lot of Progressives do not want open borders)
-More public funding for education, this may also include making public college tuition-free
-More funding for infrastructure
-More funding for science and space exploration
-More funding for social programs
-Less funding for defense and a restructuring of the military to be more defense-oriented and less imperialistic
-The protection of the rights of women, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, people of other faiths or no religion, etc
-Reforms to the political and electoral system to address fraud and corruption.

Not all progressives are screeching SJWs who hate white men, a lot of us are actually quite level-headed and just want a better society.
Progressivism is not about hating men or white people, it's about progress and making society function better.
by Super Thicc November 23, 2017
Progressivism is the idea that social reform must occur in order to advance society, and is based on the Idea of Progress.

It's also a word that American Conservatives like to abuse and associate to ONLY the Democratic Party's beliefs.
Conservative: Those cucks and their progressivism brings drugs, socialism, and anarchy.
by Tiefflieger July 23, 2017
The rapid erosion of our most vital and important rights.

The destruction of freedom.

Society will collapse on itself and it is because of progressive types.
Look around you dumbfucks.Society is dilapidated and deteriorating rapidly.

It's YOUR fault.

How does that make you feel?

Feel proud?

You're killing us and helping the government take away our basic rights.
by God,I hate you! March 15, 2005
A social movement where people believe in large social reform, yet very narrow minded and unwilling to discuss with any opposition. Other viewpoints than that of their own are seen as morally wrong, and therefore spark immense anger with toxic progressivists, leading to nothing being done.
I can’t believe the toxic progressivism on everyone’s stories, I’m tired of seeing posts like “with no due respect unfollow me if you support Donald Trump.”
by Ihaveclassreallysoon November 11, 2020