The act of filching food & filling your pockets or handbag at a party, especially one with a buffet style layout.
Mr. P: Did you see Dave's pockets were all full of Meatballs & Chicken wings?

Mr. C: Yeah, he's been Floyding food all day from the cookout.

That slick bastard with the pork pie hat had the best floyding skills ever.
by Tipp Tappen April 4, 2011
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A person who is is so cool that people have to give them all his/her love
Dude, nick is so cool. he is a total Floyd
by Floyd Destroyer February 21, 2009
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Floyd a Floyd is a very rare thing indeed like a legend or a myth
Maybe you will see one very late at night, at a show ,or local festival
Floyds are generaly freindly and would give the shirt of their back to help out just about anyone
person one "wheres Floyd? i havent seen him in a while"
person two "ya last time i saw Floyd he was at that show"
person three "ya i met Floyd once hes one crazy dude"
person four "Floyd made me this cool art peice"
by Thasun April 16, 2009
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"I'm tired of listening to the dead, put some floyd on."
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2005
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When a person hits a blunt super hard to the point in which they start gagging, gasping for air, and saying “i can’t breath”
“Did you see Justin last night? He hit the blunt super hard and started floyding. He can’t hold his weed.”
by SaggyNagy December 19, 2020
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when a guy gives you head in the shower and he can’t breathe
“bro i was floyding her”
what’s that”
“head in the shower and i couldn’t breathe
by cartiiwannagotopluto July 19, 2020
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The ruler of all 19 continents, 47 planets, and 4 universes. Floyd is everything and a bag of chips! Although he did not create planet Yuggoth (Cthulhu did that), he is still very cool, indeed. He resides primarily in the Peru/kentucky region of the netherlands, and Blocky is his main messenger of the 7 and a half others
Floyd hates Pluto with such intensity that the cranberries may just explode.
by Vanzetti May 22, 2008
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