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A person of Filipino descent that has sex with children.

I mean, come on, it's pretty obvious what a Pedopino is.
It's hard to give an example, as Filipinos all look like they're 12.

That's the genius of being a Pedopino, who's gonna know right?
by Sundog_ January 6, 2014
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When a man puts his compressed hand into a womans vagina, then spreads open his fingers like a blossoming flower, creating instant elation and super orgasms.
"That guy I picked up at bingo last night started blossoming my vayjayjay. He kept whispering "seed to a tree, seed to a tree'. It was so hawt."
by Sundog_ August 7, 2014
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Gurkel (Gir - Kell)

A nerdy, geeky, girl. Not unlike Steve Urkel of tv fame. But a girl.

"Hey man, you see that Gurkel over there? What a nerd"

"Hey, I saw you started dating that Gurkel from Dennys. Pfffft"

"I'm a gurkel, nobody loves me"
"Hey man, you see that Gurkel over there? What a nerd"

"Hey, I saw you started dating that Gurkel from Dennys. Pfffft"

"I'm a gurkel, nobody loves me"
by Sundog_ November 4, 2014
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\ˈhin-dən-ˌbərg, -ˌbu̇rg, -, een

When a female (or male) blows air into a males foreskin, making a balloon.

Then punches his balls, creating a surprising amount of pain that ruins the moment.
"Man that hooker last night gave me a Hindenburg, and now my balls are swollen."

"I like Hindenburging. I'm into that kind of abuse"
by Sundog_ December 22, 2013
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When multiple men have aggressive anal sex with a girl,

then pull out and proceed to thrust their penis's between her breasts until they climax.
"I would love to give that girl a Mexican Gravy Train, right after taco Tuesday"
by Sundog_ January 6, 2014
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Snobbie (snob/ē)

Noun (Plural Snobbies)

A photograph that one has taken with a phone or webcam of themselves, acting as if they have no knowledge of said picture being taken. Then uploaded the picture to a social media site as if it were taken by someone else.

Truly a sign of narcissism and dumb.
"She thinks she's all that, the pic was probably a snobbie"

"Ugh, did you see the snobbie she posted?"

"Hoe actin' like she got paparazzi followin her around, throwing up snobbies n shit!!1one"
by Sundog_ April 18, 2014
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The Trap

When a self indulged, narcissistic person makes a statement, that leaves open an obvious question, so that when you ask the obvious question, they can continue talking about themselves. At length. Sometimes in a woe is me way. These people all need a high five. With a shovel.
The Trap, "My neck is soo sore, ugh"
Kate, "Why is your neck so sore...?"

The Trap,"Oh, I was sucking off -insert popular actor- last night, it was crazy!"

The Trap," I can't go back to that bar..."
John," Ugh, ok, I'll bite, 'why can't you go back to that bar?"

"Oh, I was there last week and such and such, and blah blah blah, and dskjfas;lfk"

The Trap, "I am so happy!"

John, "I'm not falling for that shit! Go away!"
by Sundog_ August 22, 2014
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