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The traditional way for young female Americans to afford university education (those not from wealthy families).
America is the land of opportunity - everyone can succeed if they are willing to involved themselves in some porn to get their university education.
by Stuart October 11, 2003

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To gain, usually entrance to a restricted area or club, or some material good, through confidence trickery or cheekiness. Lying is also acceptable.
I blagged my way into the VIP area.
I blagged some free CDs off the label.
by Stuart April 27, 2004

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those pigs arrested my brother last night for extortion!
by stuart April 08, 2003

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Rodney is another word for erection.
I had a rodney while driving to work the other day.
by Stuart April 18, 2006

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the epitamy of human evolution; also see MOTHA F*CKING P.I.M.P.
Dude, stu just did all those chicas! AND he stayed up all night!
by STUART May 20, 2004

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someone who talks alot of annoying shit..typically a northern irish slang word.
shut your trap you fucking slabber before i knock yer ballix in!!
by stuart March 16, 2004

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Any flashy, expensive, and/or fast car that a man uses to make up for his small cock. Penis cars can also have big rims, big sound systems, expensive interier, and so on. Ferraris, Bugattis, Corvettes, Porsches, Dodge Vipers, Lamborghinis and Hummers are all penis cars. If you have a penis car, you should trade it in for a mid-size truck, but not a huge on as huge trucks are also penis cars. owners of penis cars are usually caught wearing tight jeans, white cowboy hats and American flag button down shirts.
Man #1: Hey girl, check out my hot new Vette. Hop in and we can share a bottle of Cristal.

Girl: You're obviously trying to make up for something. Go fuck your car's tailpipe if it's so hot.

Man #2: Hey girl, check out my rugged, not so new 1987 Ford Bronco. Hop in and we can share a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Girl: Take me away. I want you to be in me.
by stuart June 03, 2005

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