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55 definitions by Stuart

Old term used to refer to adult relations between a man and a woman. The birds reflect women, the bees reflect men, in a subtle but notable reference to sex. These days, we tend to be a lot more abrupt when discussing these issues pertaining to 'the birds and the bees'.
Why yes, son, she is a fine looking young lady. One day, I must sit you down upon on my knee and teach you about the birds and the bees.
by Stuart October 12, 2003
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Foul, putrid, crawling, nasty, odiferous.
Your underwear, after three consecutive days use.
by Stuart September 10, 2003
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A MAPS server is usually a DNS Blacklist of hosts which have (or are capable of having) spammed a reporting host. is a perfect example of such a list.
by Stuart August 22, 2004
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A group of very gay australian men who seem to entertain the hell out of toddlers and infants. they wear bright, vibrant shirts and most likely butt fuck eachother allll niiiight looooong.
Those Wiggles are like crack for toddlers!
by Stuart April 18, 2005
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Procedure taken when it is easier to break people off into autonomous groups rather than attempt any sort of compromise, understand, or advancement of society. Often politically advantageous due to appealing to small minds, and exaggerates all previous issues that led to the segregation in the first place.
People of different colours are rape and pillage our towns and detroy our moral culture, so we should use segregation to keep them away from us. Note the idiocy of such a claim
by Stuart October 12, 2003
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Perpetual repetition of a term in the vain hope that it will be humorous on the 215th repitition.
Dude, stop stormwolfing, noones laughing.
by Stuart October 13, 2003
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the epitamy of human evolution; also see MOTHA F*CKING P.I.M.P.
Dude, stu just did all those chicas! AND he stayed up all night!
by Stuart May 21, 2004
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