To be in a romantic relationship with someone.
Michael : “I know your a fan of Shakespeare.”
Mandela: “More than a fan. We’re involved.”
(From movie: 10 things I hate about you)
by Juliastilesfannnn April 24, 2018
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A distinct pattern that can be found on almost all ugly christmas sweaters, and most thrift store sweaters. The patterns can range in size and shape but normally has crazy colors. The patterns often resemble Native American styles and designs. Involved can also be used in describing other clothing such as shoes, shorts, shirts, hats. The best examples of Involved sweaters are from thrift stores, and are vintage from the 90's.

Most involved clothes have been brought back by hipsters and Urban Outfitters.
-Bro 1- Dude!
-Bro 2- What man?
-Bro 1- Look at that sick sweater! It has like 30 different colors and the pattern is sweet.
-Bro 2- Yeah bro, that is a fresh involved sweater.
by Goodwill King March 7, 2012
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1) to be a part of something that has been happening for a HELL of a long, long while, that many others also know about and can ask you on and that you will understand fully to what they are spekaing of, similar experience and things of the like.
2) to not be human.
person: have you ever (insert the information that you will never know BWAHAHA)
you: yes!
person: you are involved!
by Ashleii December 2, 2002
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A word derived from both Involved and Instruction. Not only defining what is required to do a particular job but also how to do it.
Whats the involvation for wiring a new house?

The involvation for wiring a house is........ .
by Serenise October 21, 2010
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In the 1980s of America, police in LA used to refer to the murders of prostitutes, gang members, and drugs addicts (majority black and in poverty) as NHI, "No Humans Involved." This attitude is still prevalent today.
"Put that file at the bottom of the stack. It's just an NHI (No humans involved)" -LA Police
by Alatti January 4, 2016
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a term used to: elevate the rate of alcohol/drug consumption, and general stupidity.
"Sure it is, get involved!!!!"
by royce slaven May 5, 2003
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To be part of the noble sport of drinking.
Come on mate, it's been <insert number less than 10 here> hours since you kicked it home - GET INVOLVED!
by Ray Warren May 7, 2003
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