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1. A run-down, overcrowded, walled quarter of a city in Medieval or Nazi-occupied Europe where Jews were forced to live

2. A run-down, impoverished, predominantly black crime-ridden section of an American city where women and pussified men from other parts of town are afraid to go
A. You ain't afraid to be runnin' in the ghetto?
B (in summer running duds with big muscles). You call this place a ghetto, homie? Ever heard of the Warsaw ghetto?
by Strongboy October 25, 2015
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That teacher, he be backed-up.
by Strongboy July 13, 2008
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The counter for a single or double leg takedown in wrestling. Done right, it puts you in a dominant position on top of the opponent.
Yesterday I sprawled on that wimp, landed on top, turned him over and put him flat on his back for the pin.
by Strongboy May 6, 2016
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Chief Jay Strongbow, professional wrestler in the '70s and '80s, tag team partner of Billy White Wolf
I wish Ken Patera had wrestled Strongbow after humiliating his partner Billy White Wolf
by Strongboy July 29, 2019
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1. A female race horse, especially one who races stallions and beats them

2. A confident, strong, muscular, athletic woman
1. I'll pick a filly over a gelding any time.

2. The 100 meter women's Olympic final will be a Battle of the Fillies
by Strongboy February 14, 2012
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A well-built, pleasantly masculine chick, muscular, strong and athletic
You saw Carmelita Jeter run the hundred? That chick is a studette!
by Strongboy September 23, 2009
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"How are your maraccas?" he taunted his foe after flooring him with a humongous knee in the balls.
by Strongboy July 6, 2009
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