precious gems responsible for creating all families; i.e. "testicles"
Heather loved to suck his cock while fondling his family jewels.
by Stephanie6977 September 27, 2011
Ohhhhhh my family jewels.
by none March 6, 2004
A mans nuts, balls, testicles,etc.
There called family jewels because you pass your "traits" to another generation. Your kids!
i got kicked on my family jewels.
by bigmo April 10, 2005
johnson, jimmy, scrotum, nutsack, nuts, goal area, goalline, manhood. The area in general, subdue to damage when not properly cared for.
No further explanation.
by Saints September 23, 2003
Uhm arent males the only ones with Testicals? I could be wrong of course ROFL.
"My Family Jewels!".....................
by RoX April 6, 2005