the female version of a stud. a girl that can get any guy she wants, is incredibly good looking, has an amazing personality and is overall awesome at life.
laura s and rebecca n are studettes

check out those girls they are totally studettes
by the studette herself May 6, 2007
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A well-built, pleasantly masculine chick, muscular, strong and athletic
You saw Carmelita Jeter run the hundred? That chick is a studette!
by Strongboy September 23, 2009
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an extremely good looking woman with high sex appeal that is also very intelligent? A woman who is likely an 8-10/ 10 in looks and can attract lots of high status young muscular males.
She’s out of your league bro, she’s a total Studette.
by kennclie August 29, 2019
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These people are too good to describe. The og studettes are Annie, Aimee, Sophie and Faye and they dominated the world of Northern Ireland. When they walk in a room the attention is on them. The girls want to be them and the boys want to be with them.
I wish i was like the studettes. Did you see their amazing dancing!
by spicy stud July 9, 2021
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