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Nickname for baseball player Carlos Ruiz, the best Phillies catcher ever! Fans also chant it as a sign of affection.
Ruiz just hit a grand slam?! CHOOCH! (or more often, CHOOOOOOOCH!)
by Steven-O August 29, 2010

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Made popular by David Alan Greer on the show "In Living Color", breasteses is a corrupted version of saying breasts.
"I would love to get my hands on her breasteses."
by Steven-O September 10, 2009

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A dumb way of saying very good, great or awesome. First mentioned in the Family Guy episode "Breaking Out Is Hard To Do" when Winona Ryder states this in the movie "The Age of Innocence."
That would be most good, Newland. Most good.
by Steven-O October 17, 2010

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Safe way of saying Shit Piss Fuck online. Used to express extreme anger at a situation.
The doctor just told me I have inoperable cancer of the balls... SPF!
by Steven-O June 29, 2010

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Similar to the children's game Hot Potato, where a group of people try to get rid of the "potato" as fast as possible without getting caught with it. However, in this version, a knife (preferably a switchblade) is tossed about and people try to catch it without cutting their hands or any other part of the body. The last person who doesn't get cut wins.
A few of us played Mexican Hot Potato last night. Everybody else cut their hands and I won!
by Steven-O April 04, 2007

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Meant to represent an angry face with teeth clenched.
You broke my new 70-inch plasma TV! GRRR! >:
by Steven-O May 21, 2010

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The Amish way of saying "good morning".
"Good 'morrow to thee, neighbor!" - Itchy the Mouse from "The Simpsons"
by Steven-O January 15, 2010

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