26 definitions by Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN

When there is 0% chance that something has occured or will happen. Also when one is so appalled by one's statement that they have no response but the phrase itself. Often said by high intellects and geniuses.
Fucking Weinberg: Yo steve, chip in an extra $2 for the bill.
Steven: NO WAY!
Usually when you have no way to complete a sentence. Also when you have no idea what you are doing, so you say something stupid and add 'and shit' to the end.
LadyArevalo: noooooo hes gonna make me lift weights and shit
A prolongued version of the word WHO. Usually in reponse to something very pleasing.
Sausage 1: Yo did you hit that shit?
Sausage 2: ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa
Sausage 3: whoooooooooooo
1. Typically a greeting by a black male to a homie. Commonly used in the exchange of goods or services.

2. Said from a father to a son, usually when the son has fallen upon the father's lap.
1. Man approaches the register. Clerk asks, "What it is son?"

2. Son: Dad, I need to talk to you about something.
Dad: What it is son? And wasssssssup?
Chicken cuisine available at Dominos nationwide. Costs either $6.99 or $10 along with a small 1-topping pizza.
Yo, let me get some fuckin kickers and a small mushroom pizza for 10 bucks.
1. An alternative to Babson College located in Wellesley, MA.

2. Campus Police at Babson College
Sausage 1: Yo dude do you go to BU with Weinberg and shit?
Sausage 2: Nah son, I go to BABO.

Jerk Off: Yo I am calling BABO on you.
Cool Ass Dude: Yo hide the 30, BABO is on its way.
Possibly the least intelligent response to any question asked. Credited to David Alan Weinshel (Wheeler 02', BU 06')
weinberg: yo dave, you in the room?
weinshel: i don't know, u?