Slang term for the tip of a penis

Tip of the weiner ice berg
OMG... you are such a Weinberg

You must live at:
1 Weinberg Street
Weinberg Island
by Big Ry the marine fish master November 25, 2011
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(n) wine-burg: Used to describe someone who consistently overachieves
P1: Did you finish the essay?
P2: I wrote 12 pages
P1: You are SUCH a Weinberg

*note: Can also be used in context of:
"To pull a Weinburg"

As in:
P1: Dude way to pull a Weinberg
by Shaudell March 22, 2010
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When a hot cock hits you in the face mulitple times without relenting or remorse.
"I was trying to apologize when all of a sudden I was Weinbergered, and I didn't stand a chance after that."
by The great Aristotle April 30, 2005
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To repeatedly change ones mind. In many cases, only to end up back at the original decision.
"Oh, no! I've been Weinberger'ed! Again."
by Tasunke Sapa March 10, 2005
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A Canadian German Hebrew word for a dwarf like man with a small penis, but with a very large scrotum.
Dennis has a Weinberger. Actually Dennis is a Weinberger. He is a dwarf like man with a very small penis and unusually large scrotum. He makes Suzanne devour it all.
by T_rump_supporter August 24, 2016
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not the tip of a penis. simply a common jewish last name.
hi my name is ashley weinberg!
oh cool nice to meet ya
by Jerseygirl9998 July 3, 2018
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