Campus Police are mercenaries. They are hired guns.

Campus Police can arrest anyone, they can throw you jail, they have guns, detectives, K-9 Units, SWAT teams, bomb squads, pepper spray and the right to use lethal force. However, unlike the municipal police who are paid through taxes provided to the State by each and every citizen, and thus they have responsibility to protect each and every citizen (in theory); Campus Police of private universities, colleges, corporations, and other organizations are paid by those PRIVATE organizations and no one else, and thus they have no responsibility or care for the average citizen, town or state.

Campus Police only have a care and responsibility towards those who pay them, those who have oversight over them, those who can directly punish them. They have no incentive to treat others fairly who are not affiliated with the same private organization they are affiliated with, and yet these campus police officers, are afforded the same or more privileges as a publically paid police and can arrest anyone, even if someone who commits a crime not even on their property.

So, where is the internal review for this private police force for those not affiliated with the university or corporate community? Are we really to trust a privately paid police force, shielded from public oversight, to take our side and to fight for and protect our rights? No.
I took a piss in alley in Harvard Square and next thing I know I was getting arrested by the Harvard campus police even though I wasn't in Harvard! WTF?
by WritingWriter87 November 9, 2019
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