Korean for "stupid", "foolish", "silly" etc.
Hangul: 바보
ex. "Naneun babo"

"나는 바보"

"I'm stupid"

(ex taken from "Sorry Sorry" - Super Junior)
by Ryuzaki_Cassiopeia July 15, 2009
The turkish name for Boss. A Babo is only a Babo when he rules over Chabos. It is used in a positive sense. There is a German rap song about it from the German rapper Haftbefehl called "Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist"
This guy is so cool. He is such a Babo.

Ljona is such a Babo. He has so many Chabos.
by ilovecheese99 December 2, 2013
A fine ass bitch or nigga. Bae, boyfriend, girlfriend, basically your partner.
Girl1: girl who is that fine man over there
Girl: that’s my babo right there
by Alliyaaa June 4, 2018
Korean for stupid, idiot, or fool.
Written: ??
"You're such a babo!"
"That was babo..."
by REINACHAN July 11, 2008
A really cute little ugly doll, who loves cookies.
by kiddo May 10, 2004
1. An alternative to Babson College located in Wellesley, MA.

2. Campus Police at Babson College
Sausage 1: Yo dude do you go to BU with Weinberg and shit?
Sausage 2: Nah son, I go to BABO.

Jerk Off: Yo I am calling BABO on you.
Cool Ass Dude: Yo hide the 30, BABO is on its way.
In America, used as a term of endearment, like babe or baby, with nice thoughts attached to it.
by Mama-san December 8, 2007