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Babson is #1 in entreprenuership, but that's not the only thing the college is recognized for. Babson is well known in the business world for finance and accounting. The college provides a great foundation for a career in business by requiring courses such as Marketing, OB, Finance, Accounting, Calc, Statistics, etc.

There is a diverse student body with a huge international population which brings a variety of cultures to campus. This is the only place that allows students to start and run their own businesses as freshmen. This entrepreneurial spirit continues into the rest of the curriculum throughout the four years with consulting experiences and other work opportunities.

The spirit of the student body has improved over the past few years. With the addition of a new Dean and the infusion of new students, there has been a lot more support for the community. Athletics have been on the rise, with two NEWMAC championships this fall, one NECC and many more to come in the winter and spring.

Babson is a great place for individuals who are driven and looking for a school to grow themselves and potentially a business!
Babson College
by babsongirl25 December 03, 2010
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Business school ranked #1 in the country for entrepreneurship...average SAT of incoming frosh is Bentley College, BMWs and Audis are a common sight; kids come from money; Unfortunately, the sports teams are D3 and suck a lot. Graduates get good jobs working in investment banking or for big4/consulting firms.
Since I'm looking to start my own business someday, I'm gonna apply to Babson College.
by James Tarbox December 21, 2005
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Unheady school filled with rich kids. teh lame
lets go to babson college and act like a doosh with the other babson doosh bags
by dr. hetty March 28, 2006
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