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These types of girls always come to school with negative emotion infesting them, Monday through Friday, angry all day long! They also complain about dumb crap.
If you have a rich brand like Gucci or Louis Vuitton they will either ask to borrow it and never give it back ever again or tell you that its fake, call you a bitch and strut away.
Theres two types of these girls, those who grew up in a normal household and became mean and bitchy for fun and those who grew into It cause they were never told no as children.
Now for their style they commonly wear pastels or luxurious brands(they either got it from daddys money or stole it from others)
Girl 1: Mandy, Becca and Hillary remind me so much of the rude stereotypical Popular girls
Girl 2: ikr, they stole my prada bag last week when they promised to return It!
by StereotypicalSarah April 25, 2023
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These types of girls are mostly mexican or black, but white hot cheeto girls exist and they are a living nightmare.

As their name suggests, they are always munching on a bag of hot cheetos or hot chips, when eating blue takis they will most likely stick their tongue out to show It. However, hot cheeto girls arent limited to food, some drink oz after oz of Mountain Dew to accompany It

Hot cheeto girls are also known for yelling "BEST FRIEEEEND" in the hallway and making your heart skip a beat out of the shock

These girls have really long plain white acrylic nails with encrusted cheeto dust underneath. They also wear lots of hoop earrings, Thrasher shirts, ripped skinny jeans and white airforces. Never let them borrow your stuff, they WILL be attacked by an army of cheeto dust

Some Hot Cheeto Girl best friends look decently average, but some are the 6,4 baddies you wanna try and get with, however, everytime you try and flirt, the hot cheeto girl butts in and says "SHE AINT INTERESTED" Like damm im pretty sure your "BESTFRAAAN" has a mouth so let her speak!
Girl 1:ewww! I gave Sheena my sunglasses and the lenses are covered in cheeto dust!

Girl 2: oh, shes just a Hot Cheeto Girl
by StereotypicalSarah April 24, 2023
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This type of girl, like her namesake, is always found munching on some hot chips, obviously the most common being hot cheetos but takis are also fairly common. When she eats blue takis she likes to stick her tongue out to show everyone that shes eating blue takis, she aint limited to just food tho, she sometiems chugs oz after oz of Mountain Dew to accompany a volcanos worth of hot chips.Their plain white acrylic nails may look cute on top, but at the bottom is a universes worth of encrusted cheeto dust. She always yells "BEST FRIEEEEND" in the middle of the hallway right when you are drowsy and just stepped one foot inside the school. Her bestie is always hot too, but whenever you try to hit on her, the cheeto girl comes in and says "SHE AINT INTERESTED" like, bitch, let the girl talk, you probably stopped a happy, stable future with a wife and Kids like- she also fights everyone that looks at her or her man wrong
Girl 2: yo what is It?
Girl 2: oh, thats just Sheena, shes a Hot Cheeto Girl
by StereotypicalSarah April 23, 2023
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Natalie is shy, nice and genuine. Shes okay with people accidentally mistaking her for a Nathalie and shes really funny too, she has the best puns!
Natalie is a freckled face pure soul with dirty blonde hair and braces
Shes often seen wearing black shorts and white hi tops
Natalies notes in class are organized like no other and she participates in volleyball practice after school
She also has a wonderful golden retriever
Natalie is a really cool person and im happy to have her as a friend
by StereotypicalSarah April 25, 2023
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This type of girl probably dates like all the guys you passed by at school, like basically all of them! Shes nailed down the football team, the basketball team, the baseball team, the lacrosse team, the track and field team, the wrestling team and maybe the golf team!

She clearly spends more on her makeup than she does on assignments, you can spot her arched ass eyebrows and holographic eyeshadow from far away

During lunch shes usually seen doing it with some other guys on the stairwell or even in the middle of the cafeteria!

She proudly uses Snapchat in 2023 and sends the smexiest pictures to all the guys in the school

After graduation(we all know how she passed ;) ) she starts a linktree or Onlyfans posting her tatas and bootays
Girl 1: what do you mean Kimberly is the Basic School Thot? She isnt?
Girl 2: well, name guys in our class and ill tell you if she nailed em down
Girl 1: ok, Aiden
Girl 2: nailed him down just last week
Girl 1: Really? Troy from the wrestling team!
Girl 2: got a little intimate with him in 7 minutes of heaven last night
Girl 2: hes her side dude just incase things get out of hand
Girl 2: she nailed down him, his twin brother and his cousin
Girl 1:DAFAQ--
by StereotypicalSarah April 24, 2023
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Its a nightmare in there

In the guys bathrooms, the walls are covered in shit and on rare occasions, condoms and for some reason every vaping thug in the school huddles up in the bathroom to create the biggest vape cloud you could ever Imagine, suffocating you in a wave of citrusy minty Chocolate

In the girls bathrooms all the popular cheeto girls huddle up in the SINK making it impossible to wash you hands and they also always give you crude stares like what the fuck did i ever do to you, bitch?
Person:Bro the school bathrooms smell like death
by StereotypicalSarah August 20, 2023
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Summary:This aesthetic is short for emo-core, that stands for emotional hardcore
This style originated in the 1980's with emo music, but this aesthetic is much more than its music! Its a lifestyle!

Emo outfit choices include:Fishnets, studded neckaleces, band t-shirts, neckaleces with your boyfriends blood in them, skeleton pants, checkered vans, tank tops with spiderwebs, beanie, spiderweb fingerless gloves, combat boots, skeleton belt and a black tie

To complete the aesthetic: tell your parents its not a phase

Until next time!
Girl 1: what was with Bethany back then?!? All she wore was things like edgy band t-shirts, black ties and scary purses!
Girl 2: well, in that case, she was probably emo!
by StereotypicalSarah May 3, 2023
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