v. the act of hugging and cuddling with someone.
you're hot. let's huddle.
by icanmakeamesslikeyourmum November 01, 2006
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1) a short, lazy, smelly girl

2) one who has to use hair straightener and has a club foot
a) Don't be such a huddle. Get taller, do something, and for god's sake, wear some deoderant

b) man, use something on that hair huddle. And get that club foot checked out
by fuckstick August 26, 2003
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the state of craving or desire of making out, whether with a specific person or just a general longing
i have the huddles for that guy over there, he is so hot.

i have the huddles so bad right now, that i might make out with the next person i see!
by k-master-b April 10, 2010
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The release of a massive amount of excrement, usually after a trip to Huddle House.
"Dude I've I don't huddle soon it might start coming out of my ears."
"Erry day I'm huddlin"
"My friend and I Huddled yesterday while holding hands and called it a number four"
by toggle November 15, 2014
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1.) Doing the same thing you did the day before (No planning or playcalling necessary)

2.) You wear the same thing you wore to an event yesterday (Usually an event that won't be attended by the same people that attended the event yeserday, so they won't know you're running "No Huddle".)

3.) Smashing the same girl the next day from the previous

4.) Smashing two or more girls back to back in an extremely short period of time.

This is a strategy pulled from Football for everyday life, where the previous day you wear an outfit
1.) The Strip Club was so live last night, the bitches were begging me to come back the next day after I threw my whole car note, so I called a no-huddle and went again. They weren't all on me this time, maybe because I spent all my money there the night before. Is it just me or are all strippers gold diggers?

2.) Well, maybe the strippers weren't feeling you because your outfit was a no-huddle of last nights.. I mean, you could've atleast showered.

3.) Ashleigh's poon was so good last night, I no huddled her earlier today. This time I got burned though.

4.) Right after I fucked Shanese, I called Rhonda over right after she left and scored again with my no huddle offense. Then I cried myself to sleep.
by Tim TeBRO. September 11, 2011
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A conference between two or more females regarding someone else's sexual orientation as well as a general discussion of uncommon topics that men wouldn't find interesting.
Emily and Robin both joined The Huddle to discuss Joe's sexual orientation, since it was visibly debatable, a huddle was utilized to further discuss the situation.
by Beat Blender May 24, 2011
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