A pill taken to make you feel lose and happy. Puts you out of it for a really long time. You can forget alot too.. 4 days will go by so fast and you'll think its been one big day. Makes you pretty stupid and sticks with you for a while maybe 3 days. Also if you take any other things (booze, pot, etc.) it will like react to it. You can get drunk fast as hell.
" I took valium & am pretty out of it"
by Ann August 17, 2004
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valium (vuh-al-ee-um) noun, is a
1. a tranquilizing muscle-relaxant drug used chiefly to relieve anxiety.
2. When used ebonically it refers to the degree of loudness or the intensity of a sound.
Ya know win uin turn dat tang up una da... on da big box unna make it loud. Da valium, duh VA LI UMM!
by Dragonlady58 January 29, 2021
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a drug. according to eminem, one his mom does.
my mom does valium and lots of drugs.
by eminemlover5454 July 25, 2011
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A narcotic sedative commonly used to treat muscle spasm and anxiety. Valium is also known as diazepam and comes in a small scored circular tablet that can be yellow, pink, or blue depending on dosage. Effects are pleasant; heavy sedation, drowsiness, euphoria, etc. Nirvana has a song about this drug.
Ricky: Yo player let me get some of that valium!
Albert: Fuck off these are for my back spasms.
Ricky: Okay fine then I will tell your girlfriend about last weekend.
Albert: Fine, here you go asshole.
Ricky: Word.
by Scooter McGavin July 6, 2006
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1) Diazepam
2) 7 - chloro - 1 - methyl - 5 - phenyl -1,3- dihydro - 2H - 1,4 - benzodiazepin - 2 - one
3) C16 H13 Cl N2 O
Valium®, Stesolid®, Seduxen® and Apozepam®
by |\| 3 |2 |) June 8, 2006
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Drug. If u r very unhappy take it. its ur choice
Cool, calm just like my mom
with a couple a valiums inside her palm
by daniD12 March 4, 2007
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A snipers best friend. Hard to overdose on as it cancels out any other chemically-related substances on average an hour or so after injestion, but thats another story. Research it before you try it, or say, join the PIRA or SAS.
I just might die with a smile on my face.
by C16H13ClN2O September 14, 2004
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