8 definitions by Stale pop tart crust

Noun: the magic food no one actually likes, but it is necessary.
Noun: my name
Dave: I never eat the stale pop tart crust, only the magic inside.
Don: I do.

Dave: yea well you’re a creep.

Stale pop tart crust is the bomb at making definitions. He is useful.
by Stale pop tart crust January 1, 2020
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After you nut you will have regrets about how you nutted, life, ETC
I can’t believed I asked that girl for nudes, it was so dirty. I’m disgusting I can’t believe I wacked off, I’m having Post-nut clarity.
by Stale pop tart crust December 30, 2020
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The barely legal girl who dates my brother with pink hair.
Hey look, it’s kait, I didn’t know she works at petco.
by Stale pop tart crust December 30, 2020
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To be sad you are in a horrible mental state and usually depressed. Something can cause you to be sad or it’s just hundreds of small things in your miserable life. You wake up knowing that this day will be the same as yesterday and you won’t make any progress socially, meeting new people. To be sad you usually can’t find any motivation or happiness in your life.

I’m Sad.
by Stale pop tart crust October 28, 2020
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Hey look it’s a unicorn! You can tell because of the futuristic horn.
by Stale pop tart crust December 30, 2020
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Nostalgia is a VERY bittersweet feeling. You feel nostalgic when you do something or remember something that you grew up with, or something that is just from the past. It is a feeling that sorta makes you wanna cry but it also makes you feel really happy. But it can also make you feel anxious or sick to your stomach.
Andrew: Wow man, I visited the site “casual collective”. It gave me nostalgia.
Luke: yeah, I bet. That site was lit. Did you play the game “minions”?
Andrew: yeah! Wow. I’m very nostalgic Right now.
by Stale pop tart crust March 14, 2020
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Kylie is the worst ex girlfriend ever. She has a kick-ass body but she’s really insecure and she makes everything awkward. She’s also thirsty, she dates anyone she can get a hold of and then tells them she misses them after 2 hours of no face to face contact. Kylie also is into drama so when you broke up she spread rumors about you.
Cole: Bro did you hear about Kylie? Her and Nolen broke up and she spread rumors about him. And now she’s dating Daniel.

Luke: yea I did, she really is thirsty.
by Stale pop tart crust January 13, 2020
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