The remebrance of a good time or event that makes you happy.
remembring the past.
1. Atari makes me feel nostalgia. i remember playing it when i was only 7 years old!
2. i remember that! good times...
by jatworks June 30, 2013
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A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.
The condition of being homesick; homesickness.
by Drazen April 25, 2004
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Playing Halo 3 in 2017, knowing it has been 10 years since it came out. Enough said.
Guy 1: Hey dude, wanna play Halo 3?
Guy 2: Hell yeah!
(Playing Halo 3)
Guy 2: Jeez, the nostalgia (Cries)
by This_guy00 June 25, 2017
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One of the best feelings you could ever feel. Nostalgia can take you back to a time that had a much different flow than your current lifestyle. You may be an adult right now and feel nostalgic of the days you would play outside in a little sandbox when you were 5 years old. It makes you go "Ahhh... the good old days." Or it doesn't have to be a throwback of that long. Maybe you have had work piling on your table for 3 weeks and you finally finished it. You'd think to yourself. "Wow... this is so nostalgic. I can party with my friends and have a normal sleep schedule now." Nostalgia is warm and brings a smile to your face.
"Omg, remember that time when we used to hang out and gossip about the boys in our school together?"

"Bruh LMAO I remember that..."
"Wow, that was like a decade ago. The good old days when grades were the only things we needed to worry about."

"Yea, the nostalgia!!!"
by the anonymous turkey October 28, 2020
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Nostalgia, the longing, or yearning for old times. The sweet things that make you sentimental. A memory, a long time ago to be held, and as you long to live the moment yet again, you are nostalgic.
I understand people get nostalgic and nostalgia for other occasions, but me however, I just have to dust off the wii and I'm back in the past.
by TopOfTheMorningToYouLaddies September 22, 2018
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A force almost as powerful as love. Nostalgia is what you feel when you look back at the good times in life. The times you remember when you were at either your highest point or at least a memorable point in your past. The deadly thing about nostalgia is that you always enjoy an event more after it's already happened than when it's happening.
1. I have nostalgia about the good old days of the late 90s.
2. If you've never experienced nostalgia, you will.
by ItsSullyyz March 8, 2018
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When you think about how great your life was a few years ago...and then depress yourself knowing it won't be that way ever again. Ever.
I'm going to go kill myself." "Why?" "I feel too much nostalgia right now"
by kvnthrn March 8, 2011
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