49 definitions by St. Ias

LOL is a text message used regularly. It means Look Out Lover
The sexspecialist sent me a text message this afternoon.
I know I am on a promise of a hot time this evening as the message read LOL
by St. Ias September 25, 2005
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NFL is an acronym for no fucking lights
There was a row in the pub a few nights ago. Paddy told the other guy that if he carried on annoying him he would have NFL (meaning he would have two black eyes).
by St. Ias November 4, 2005
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" Ye little ken what cursed speed
The blastie's makin!
Thae winks an finger-ends,
I dread, Are notice takin!
Robert Burns (1759 - 1796)
by St. Ias September 20, 2005
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A rackjob means being chained to bars high on a wall in the dungeon of a dominatrix
A man came to the reception desk at Madam X's House of Pleasure. The receptionist phoned through to her mistress who was in the dungeon and said " There is another rackjob here ".
by St. Ias October 4, 2005
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Ravager assaulter pillager intentional sexual terrorist
A rapist should be imprisoned for life with no time allowed for good behaviour. I would vote for the political party that introduces a law allowing women to publically stone rapists to death on Fridays. I feel all such events should be televised nationally.
by St. Ias September 16, 2005
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A heart to heart, pulling no punches, down to earth God's honest
conversation, getting down to serious business after light hearted banter.
Sooner or later I am going to have serious real talk with the woman that I love.
by St. Ias September 17, 2005
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You get a good fuck when you penetrate.
It is much better than the woman giving you a hand job.
The sexspecialist grips tightly when I penetrate her
by St. Ias October 19, 2005
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