Someone who lives in daydreams with me
She, she lives in daydreams with me
by Larry4evermotherfuckers September 15, 2020
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The seasons change…
The love for he…
Will alway remain…
As she knows it is meant to be…

The leaves may fall to the ground…
Her thoughts may somedays go round and round…
But her endless love for he…
Is what she dreams he will see…

Another wish she will make a go…
All her love to him..
She wishes she could show…
Does he really know…
How she loves him so…
She does love him
More than everything!!!!
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The performing name for the breakbeat/industrial/progressive multi-instrumentalist chiptune artist and producer Pjat Lain who engineered albums including Digital Ambient Designs, Emit and Exude, Void of Emotions, and Days.
After hearing the song Calico Jimmy instantly became hooked to She music.
by paranoid_CDF April 16, 2008
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1.A word referring to some girl
2.A slang word for cocaine that was used in the song cocaine by Eric clapton
she don't lie she don't lie cocaine
by timmeh' September 30, 2007
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The "She" from thats what she said. This "She" is a girl who attends or has attended BT (Blessed Trinity) Because all the BT girls are whores and are obviously the ones saying all these nasty things.
I had fun partying last night

I could have gone all night!

thats what "She" said

oh so you know the BT girls?
by Getmygwalla July 11, 2010
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It's the best time of the year for her..
Something in the air.. just makes everything stir
Autumnal colours.. such a natural fit
Senses seem heightened. Her look even sharper than her wit

It's the chilled breeze. It adds a glistening brilliance to those eyes..
They shine like nothing I've ever known.. I loved watching you gaze up at the sky

Effortlessly.. she has such amazing grace..
Scarf upto her eyes.. still no mistaking her face..

Reminding me how long we spent knowing only each others eyes
Thing is.. we both can speak a million tongues with them.. within them, there were no lies

I realised I'd never felt connection like it.. not just a 'want..' it's a need..
Then, new things.. numbers.. words.. poetry.. things to forever read
Il keep casting my thoughts amongst the stars for you
Steadfastly searching, hoping Il find yours too


If you should ever find yourself feeling blue..

Or wondering whether I'm thinking of you..
There's only one answer my love.. and you know that it's yes
You know so much.. just trust your every guess

So anytime you question my feelings 4u..

Remember only MY words, remember.. I love you
She knows whose words belong to her
by Love 4u is all I do October 28, 2023
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She will always be there for you regardless of your states. She will help her friends and family.she isn't always her self so excuse her if she doesn't treat you the way she usually does.
She will always be there for anyone.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd December 1, 2019
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