5 definitions by Sretlawnats

A word used in the southern U.S. said when told to get some of what one may offer! Female and male use may be of different depiction!
Hey boy getchusum of this !
by Sretlawnats July 16, 2022
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Got a trucker: a half hard dick because truckers drive semi trucks!
Oh snap look a Bobby he got a trucker already!
by Sretlawnats March 23, 2023
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When she is hypnotized by the sexual performance of your cock!
It was so good ,cocknoptic and mesmerizing!
by Sretlawnats April 16, 2023
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When your sex toy all go direct to the asshole like it’s magnetic!
Every sex toy seemed to find its way to my hole on it’s on like I had a fagnet magnet!
by Sretlawnats April 19, 2023
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