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To Leave.
I think I'm gonna dip outta here.
by Spyder November 06, 2002

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sister i'd like to fuck

(same concept as milf)
that silf lives in your house?!?
by Spyder January 05, 2003

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a group or gang that one hangs with
i'm haning with my posse
by Spyder January 05, 2003

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1.A one-man security force, similar in meaning to law dog, but more on the fringe of the law. Zivics are known for daring feats of insanity in various environments.
2. A player.
(Noun): That Zivic just regulated on those guys.
(Verb): He Zivicked down that icy slope, what a madman!
(Verb 2.): Girl, don't get involved, he's a zivic.
by Spyder March 06, 2005

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the land where the online game final fantasy 11 takes place.
Vana'diel is too big for my little tarutaru
by spyder March 22, 2004

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What white old women see black people as.
Hey you, poop dog. Get away from my ricer.
by SpydeR January 31, 2005

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SOuth FLorida Nugs. good pot.
You got any crypto to smoke bro, all I have is shwag?
by spyder December 03, 2002

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