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A shockingly poor attempt at anything other than repetitive, unimaginative, bland noise. It can only appealing to that unfortunate bunch of O.C. and Dawson's Creek loving sub-humans.
Busted-esque is a compliment!
How Hollywood has ruined a generation!
Person 1: "Aren't Maroon 5 shit?"
Person 2: "Yes, good call."
by Spoon December 08, 2004

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Oh my god! What the fuck? die!
OMGWTFDIE you bastard
by spoon May 31, 2004

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A god of ancient lore, typically associated with spoons.
"...we sacrifice this children to Kenealy..."
by spoon May 26, 2004

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Revenge for harassment, preferably to name calling.
I installed linux on your work computer because you called me spoon. Spoon's revenge!
by Spoon July 16, 2004

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spoon's boss. have u heard the story of the lepricorn st the end of the rainbow???
take lots n lots of drugs n u 2 will soon c EEN if u believe
by Spoon March 30, 2005

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Breasts that are so droopy, they have to be rolled up to be tucked into a bra. See also taab.
That bikini cup is no way big enough for her rollemups.
by Spoon August 13, 2003

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police station
The way your breath stinks, I'd be driving the backstreets, but watch out for 5th and Pine, there's a hogfarm on the corner.
by Spoon July 23, 2003

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