11 definitions by Spoon

A shockingly poor attempt at anything other than repetitive, unimaginative, bland noise. It can only appealing to that unfortunate bunch of O.C. and Dawson's Creek loving sub-humans.
Busted-esque is a compliment!
How Hollywood has ruined a generation!
Person 1: "Aren't Maroon 5 shit?"
Person 2: "Yes, good call."
by Spoon December 8, 2004
spoon's boss. have u heard the story of the lepricorn st the end of the rainbow???
take lots n lots of drugs n u 2 will soon c EEN if u believe
by Spoon March 30, 2005
Revenge for harassment, preferably to name calling.
I installed linux on your work computer because you called me spoon. Spoon's revenge!
by Spoon July 16, 2004
Man or boy aged beyond his years who counts his pennies and wants to live on an Island.
He's just finished his A-levels and wants to move to the Outer Hebrides. What a spewy.
by Spoon August 14, 2003
Breasts that are so droopy, they have to be rolled up to be tucked into a bra. See also taab.
That bikini cup is no way big enough for her rollemups.
by Spoon August 14, 2003
I'm packin' a righteous chubby, whacha say we pop outside and puff the mo'fo'?
by Spoon July 22, 2003
Somebody who has droopy breasts, or wears his/her "tits-as-a-belt".
"how can she wear a crop top with taab like that?"
by Spoon August 14, 2003