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short for Volkswagen. best bang for teh buck.
i drive a nice volks. wanna get a BMW later tho to add to my car collection, also an audi, porsche, and a benzo.
by Spider John May 16, 2004

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Imbeciles Become Managers
I work for Big Blue IBM and I love being brainwashed and not knowing my own yupppie conglomerate's methodogolies and ethics.
by Spider John March 20, 2004

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Kinky Silver Dress-

what a hot nymphomaniacal young chick wears to hook up with sleazy men at discothecques.
"Lookit that hot bitch with dat KSD. Gotta get her number so I can get her in bed!"
by Spider John June 15, 2004

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phoney hitler doctorate
i've got a phd to be pretentious and to impose and pander low-life peasants, plebeians, and pathetic imbeciles.
by Spider John March 20, 2004

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a nerd is a socially inept, awkward loser not necessarily a smart person. he/she can be an idiot, a dull, insipid, square bunghole who doesn't know how to party. a geek is not a nerd, just someone who has exceptional qualities and who is bankable. a geek rules the world whearas nerds are totally faceless.
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are computer geeks, whereas Richard Simmons is a faggish nerd.
by Spider John September 12, 2004

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