its a term used to describe something gay. or if your kina acting like a fag you say this instead of fag.
you're acting faggish.
by sarah February 23, 2005
of, or pertaining to a fag.
that shirt is kind of faggish, i don't think you should buy it
by jaydog21 December 21, 2006
Having something to do with a fagot, or something gay.
Man, since you like other men, you are extremely faggish.
by Gina July 24, 2003
1)The language spoken by gay people.
2)The definition of one's sexuality.
1) " Jake is fluent in faggish"
2) " sorry, I don't speak faggish"
by Zacharias October 28, 2004
The characterisitic of being gay.
Jeff chen is faggish.
by COOKIE MONSTER March 25, 2005
1)beyond gay, gay squared (gay x gay)
2)rediculously stupid and/or retarded
1)Shannon: did you hear sarah took it up ass??
Ceritise: eeww yo...thats faggish aye!
2)Ceritsie: eeww...look at this Gino...tryin to stunt like he's hot shit....
Shannon: eeww yo...what a faggish
by Ceritsie and Shannon 4 Ever April 28, 2005
I could not understand Bruce's words because he was speaking faggish.
I am not fluent in faggish, I am straight.
by the(bowl) July 3, 2006