Abbreviation of "look at that" or "look at this," typically uttered shrilly in public places by small children seeking to draw attention to mundane objects that they, for some reason, consider fascinating.
Lookit! A kitty cat! Lookit, mommy! Lookit!
by E P November 27, 2007
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When someone wants you to look somewhere but your busy
someone: Lookit!
me: Im busy.
by uei3rweuy February 19, 2019
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A cool band from Atlanta that writes interesting and unique songs. I’m still trying to get “Body Heat” and “Green Ideas” out of my head. Also I think they’re from outer space.
Have you heard the new LOOKiT single? It’s weird and cool!
by oceanicfam October 27, 2019
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This is a combination of "look here now,or just plain "look"." It is used when you are somewhat frustrated with a person, and want to get their attention real quick and advise them they are incorrect, are missing the point, or do not understand, and therefore you will explain or clarify the situation to them all over again.
Lookit! If you wanna go to the rodeo, you have to wear cowboy boots. Plain and simple!

Lookit bird brain! I am not gonna splain the whole thang all over again. Just do it!
by GoMoGo May 20, 2008
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what one says when they want you to look at something
"look at this"
by fuuuck January 13, 2017
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An exclamation, to point out a happening or or warning of disagreement.
Abbreviation from : Look it here
"lookit mate it's your shout,lookit you'll spill the bloody thing"
by Simon Clery February 1, 2005
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