A somewhat rare soda from Waco, Texas which tastes like raspberries and bubble gum. It was released in November 2008 alongside Big Orange and is Big Red's most successful sister brand. Dispite this, you can rarely find the soda outside of Texas. It can be found as far west as Arizona, but usually only in Gas Stations accompanying Big Red.
Finally, a store with some Big Blue!
by Garland Boy July 7, 2021
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A reference to the US Air Force (see Chair Force), usually referred to by special operations personnel, and other service components in a derogatory manner because of the lack of support from "conventional" Air Force elements.
They wouldn't let you in the chow hall because you weren't wearing a reflective belt? Fuck Big Blue!
by SgtWrecker October 31, 2010
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"Big Blue" refers to computer technology giant, IBM.
Big Blue makes some of the finest laptop computers in the world.
by signull June 20, 2006
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Slang for the New York Football Giants.
Did you see the whoopin' Big Blue put on Romo and the Dallas Cowboys last weekend?
by Deak Silvertooth January 15, 2008
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Colloquialism for the blue Viagra pill.
Fix it for me and I'll get you a Big Blue.
by slim March 9, 2005
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Destroying a college dorm toilet so badly that the janitors cry every morning before they enter. Also, the neighbors yell "there goes another one" every time their fatasses even takes a glimpse towards the bathroom. This 4X4 Italian fat ass leaves the toilet looking like a shit bomb from Pearl Harbor when he's finished.
The janitor exclaimed," God fucking damnit, the toilet just got big blue dommed and I'm the only one on duty."
by BBD March 22, 2018
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I raise my pint as I toast the Big Blue Orb on this beautiful earth day.
by talk2me-JCH2 May 16, 2022
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