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A medical condition which causes a person’s head to become cube-like in shape.
My homie over here has a case of the Matt Gaetz. He be looking like Steve from Minecraft lmfao.
by Spicyspectrum April 13, 2021
A person who is very generic and not many people have heard about, yet is supposed to be a very important figure in their field.
Guy 1: “You’re not a real drummer if you don’t know who Jeff Hamilton is! He’s the best drummer in the world and all should pray to him every day!”

Guy 2: “Who’s Jeff Hamilton? Sounds like some Jerkoff McGee.”
by Spicyspectrum April 4, 2022
The four notes you hear when your are playing Among Us and a dead body gets reported. Known to trigger PTSD in some people.
Person: *Hears those four notes, C Eb F Gb* AHHHHHHH! STOP!
by Spicyspectrum March 19, 2021
Ok Let’s go Brandon was funny at first but now anyone who does it just looks stupid.
by Spicyspectrum November 7, 2021
A man who is responsible for lots of damage with his propaganda machine “news” networks. Specifically with Fox News in the US, that has spread so much disinformation to millions of Americans. This has created a massive cult of ignorance and facts denial within the country. This cult eventually manifested itself in the form of the events that took place at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.
So yeah, Rupert Murdoch has caused lots of damage. People who have consumed the propaganda and lies from his “news” networks have completely disconnected from reality. Some of these people have become so severely deluded that it is almost frightening.
by Spicyspectrum April 13, 2021
Conservative: Now I have noet the closest idea as to what critical race theory is, but I sure as hell HATE ITZ GUTTZZZ!!!!!
by Spicyspectrum July 21, 2021