It is where things belong;)
Someone: Wheres my pen?
You: Up your ass!
by Heyitzimy April 8, 2019
When a group of people are talking shit about you.
CAL:"I got it now 'you're a virgin"
by JOSHUA CONLEY January 21, 2008
An apology for clingy or needy behavior such as blowing up someone's phone, or knowingly pestering someone for their attention.
Me: sorry I've been up your ass today.
Friend: thanks, but you need to not text me so much.
by Kali_kastaway September 18, 2020
An insult that is used to show disinterest, or frustration. To dismiss a wrongful statement or action.
Bill Gates: I have so much more money than you!
Random person: Go shove it up your ass!
by rallala May 31, 2008
A fun and easy way of saying Fuck You!
Talk shit to me well you can take that phone of yours AND STICK IT UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!
by michaelbivens January 21, 2014