1. The body of Christ.
2. A big coastal city in Texas, home of Whataburger.
by Blahb December 30, 2005
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Corpus Crispy, founded in 1839, is an increasingly bad-ass place to live. If it weren't for CC and General Zachary Taylor whooping some ass during the Mexican-American war, America might have 6 less states. 8th largest city in Texas. While possibly considered small, its msa population is still almost as big as the entire state of Wyoming. pfft

Home of Whataburger, the Corpus Christi Hooks, IceRays, and Hammerheads; Home of the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station; Home of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi; Home of Concrete Street Amphitheater and the American Bank Center; Home of the Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington, Harbor Playhouse and some badass Museums; Home of some bad-ass beaches; Home of chill as fuck people.

There's a lot of shit to do here if you love music, art, sports, beach activities, going out, getting drunk, and generally being a badass.
Person 1: Have you been to Corpus Christi?
Person 2: Naaah, man.
Person 1: *slaps person 2* What's wrong with you?? It's chill as fuck.
by DChi4Life December 9, 2010
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A school were every kid wears a north face, owns beats by dre, think that they are rebellious when they chew gum or untuck their shirt. Their parents either own a hotel a business or every fast food place on the Silas Deanne highway. Teachers love to give students detentions when a kid sneezes during a test. Every time the priest coughs they get a day off. Will probably all grow up to be CEOs, doctors, or politicians even though none of them have worked a day in their life.
Oh so you go to Corpus Christi tell me more about how you get 100$ every time you get an A
by Your favorite crayon January 15, 2013
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A Catholic Church located in Sandwich MA. The parking lot is very well known for being a very popular spot to have intercourse with your significant other, which is really fucked up seeing as it's a church.
Guy 1: I fucked Shelly last night at Corpus Christi Parish, it was the best!

Guy 2: Dude what's wrong with you?! That's a church.

Guy 1: Hey it's where everyone goes, that is one unholy place you know what i'm saying haha

Guy 2: You're a fucking weirdo
by Mr. Tarsky February 16, 2017
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The act of (a gay man) inserting a dryer sheet into his butthole in order to make his butthole more bearable for his partner, (another man) and then accidentally discharging it from his ass from farting.
Kody: Hey man did you see Cody shoot that Corpus Christi Buttplug out of his ass? It smelled like cum!!!
Johnston: Ya, his anus is Heinous!!!
by John-doe1 May 31, 2012
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Corpus Christi College is a school located in Perth. Bunch Of cunts there . lol
*every kid at corpus christi college*
"im a cunt"
by 69xxpussydestroyerxx69 October 24, 2019
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