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A genius failed by the education system who can secretly answer math problems at a post-collegiate level but doesn't reveal this talent until it is too late.
Matt Damon: DON'T DO IT, MAN! NOT YOU, MAN!!!!
Student: Shut up, janitor.
by SpaceMouse April 16, 2010

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Chatroulette for dudes with small dicks
Stranger #1: I have a small dick.
Stranger #2: OMG! That's why I am not on Chatroulette!
Stranger #1: Me too!
Stranger #2: Omegle rules!
by SpaceMouse April 19, 2010

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The act of using breast cancer to guilt consumers into buying a product which, if it had not been for the advent of aiding the cure for cancer, they would not have bought.
KFC: Together we can make the largest donation in Komen history.

Consumer: Stop pinkwashing me, you fuck-head! Why wouldn't I just donate money to breast cancer if I wanted to?! Everyone knows you benefit more than the cancer foundations!
by SpaceMouse April 16, 2010

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When a woman's sock is too tight and reveals the crevice between two of her toes
Cindy was embarrassed to discover that she had been sporting major camel vagina after wearing flip-flops all day.
by SpaceMouse October 20, 2010

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A genre of music which is sort of like pop or R&B, but is entirely created by rich producers who engineer it just to sound appealing to retards. These producers then find an untalented and somewhat attractive vessel through which to spread their awful music and acquire undeserved wealth.
Some famous Sell-Out artists include, Ke$ha, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber and many young artists created by Disney who are famous amongst the mentally challenged for their acutely similar songs which is very comfortable for their fans, who are disconcerted by change, much like infants. These retards subsequently keep the Sell-Out genre alive and real music dead.
by SpaceMouse July 27, 2010

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A new movie coming out featuring the resilient return of the Golden Girls!
Old Woman 1: Are you going to see Sex and the City 2?
Old Woman 2: Well, I am lonely, horny, old and I look like a man so naturally I can relate. Yes, I will!
Old Woman 1: Great, let's put more stuff in out vaginal areas! Tampons, maxi pads, diapers, vibrators; us old women have so much vaginal equipment.
Old Woman 2: We sure do!

Old Woman 1 and Old Woman 2 both piss themselves and die. Then they shit themselves.

Michael Patrick King walks by.

Michael: Hmm, I think I just found the basis for Sex and the City 3.
by SpaceMouse May 08, 2010

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A wonderful website whose only request is that you give them all of your information and then they give you 75 cents
Jim: Yeah, I just made $1.50 on Cashcrate.com. All I had to do was give my social security number to various random websites! YIPPEE!!!
by SpaceMouse April 17, 2010

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