Hey babe, we have 10 minutes until we have to leave. Wanna Jason Derulo?”
by Malkavian Queen January 4, 2020
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A black R&B singer and dancer from Florida, Miami, famous with his pretty catchy single 'Whatcha Say'. Looks like the next Chris Brown.
Josh: Hey how's your date with that hottie?
Mike: Mmmm whatcha say?
Josh: I said how's your date with that hottie?
Mike: Mmm that you only meant well?
Josh: Say what?
Mike: Well of course you did. Mmmm whatcha say, (whatcha say). Wha- wha- wha- wha- what did she say.
Josh: Man, you're so Jason Derulo!
by damsel.cosmic March 18, 2010
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Makes many of the monocle bearing internet trolls "oh i say" at the Pokemon hate and the inability to create lyrics of his own.
Oh I say! This Jason Derulo hasn't herd of teh mudkipz!
by shayper October 30, 2011
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Michael Jackson wannabe/clone.

Chris Brown wannabe/clone. (lol)

After Chris Brown "died" (lol), they tried to replace him with Jason Derulo and then Justin Bieber. He dances and kinda looks like Chris Brown.
Person: Chris Brown's career is over, let's find another Michael Jackson clone!

Person 2: Jason Derulo looks like him. Let's take advantage of Chris Brown's death and cash in.

Me: Oh no, another Michael Jackson wannabe! When will it end?
by spiderkarnage July 25, 2011
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1) a black r&b singer who tries too hard to be Michael Jackson (Seriously, have you seen him! He's always wearing one white glove and a red leather jacket. Also the way he dances and the random "UHHS" and "HIHIES" in his songs) His songs are also mostly him just singing over other peoples music (Bittersweet Symphony, Hide and Seek)
2) something you say when your tired of sitting around saying nothing with friends.For the full affect, you have to say it like he does is the beginning of "In My Head" (JAY-SSSON DAA-ROU-LOWW)
1)Amy: My gawd, did you see Jason Derulo's new music video? It's him singing over Single Ladies wearing a fedora hat!
Brad: No, but I heard that in his next one, he's going to turn into a werewolf and him and an angry crowd of musically capable zombies chase his girlfriend and then stop in the middle of the street and preform a perfectly choreographed dance.
Amy: Wow really? That sounds like the kind of thing that will redefine music videos forever!

Hannah: Phil you would...
by aswizzle October 19, 2010
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