The act of using breast cancer to guilt consumers into buying a product which, if it had not been for the advent of aiding the cure for cancer, they would not have bought.
KFC: Together we can make the largest donation in Komen history.

Consumer: Stop pinkwashing me, you fuck-head! Why wouldn't I just donate money to breast cancer if I wanted to?! Everyone knows you benefit more than the cancer foundations!
by SpaceMouse April 17, 2010
Riding on the LGBT rights while promoting ones political hatred.
E.g. Anti-immigration and far-right groups performing “gay pride” events at locations with a large Muslim population to insult Muslims or to expose alleged anti-gay hostility among Muslims.
"Are those Neo-Nazis campaining for LGBT rights?"
"They're just pinkwashing again"
by JLieksa August 28, 2015
Making history or any event seem a lot more positive toward females then it was it actually.
Person one: “girls didn’t have hard back then, it was really men who had it hard. Women had so much power,”

Person two: “no they didn’t, stop pinkwashing history”
by Sleeby November 11, 2019
the use of breast cancer by corporate marketers in which companies promote their products with claims to donate a percentage of proceeds to the cause
I'm so sick of of every retailer pinkwashing so that I'll by their pink merchandise - what if I hate the color pink?!
by Erin1234 January 6, 2009
Attaching LGBT advocacy or endorsement to a typically unpopular social or political issue in order to elevate its virtue quotient.
We're bringing some drag queens to the March for Free Speech to pinkwash it.
by NitroZeus March 28, 2018