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Sprectum- the worst internet & cable provider in the United States. Known mostly for killing off Time Warner Cable & Brighthouse Cable. Their business model is based on price-gouging customers after the first year of service when the “introductory offer” price expires.
Hey, what is your cable service provider?

Here? Oh, we’re stuck with Sprectum.
by Sonicbo0mz February 04, 2021

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A bizzare new hairstyle pioneered by Senator Ted Cruz during the second Trump Impeachment trial. Its a “Trial out front with an Insurrection out back” look. At first it was thought that he either a) got up and left mid haircut or b) lost a bet. Either way, its part of the new normal.
How do you like my Impeachment mullet? I got it at “QAnon Clips”
by Sonicbo0mz February 12, 2021

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People who wear their face mask below the nose, defeating the whole purpose of the face mask in the first place.
Hey, did you see our idiot coworkers today...with their face masks covering only their mouth. Yeah, what A bunch of rhinovians!
by Sonicbo0mz August 19, 2020

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The ultimate goal of having the crooked Governor of Florida removed from his comfy chair in Tallahassee.
Hey, any big plans for 2022?

Yes, I’d like to Desantisize Florida!
That would be great!!
by Sonicbo0mz November 11, 2020

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When you stop in at an established location just to use the restroom because you know it’s safe to use at your most vulnerable time.
Hey, I have to stop by Starbs on the way.
Why, do need a coffee?
No, I have to use the bathroom.
Oh, so you’re paying them a Shvisit.
by Sonicbo0mz August 12, 2020

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The first 100 days of the Biden Administration consisting of executive orders to get the USA back into the World Health Organization, PARIS Agreement and an actual Covid-19 Vaccination plan
What do you think the new name for Operation Warp Speed should be?
IDK, how about the unfuckening?
by Sonicbo0mz January 24, 2021

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(Potato War)A German phrase referring to the Insurrection led on the US Capitol by the Potatriot Party and their leader Chewbacca Bikini Kill the Wabbit guy. The goal was to stop the finalization of the Presidential Election.
Did you see all the Potatriots storming the Rotunda in an attempt to start the Kartoffelkrieg in the US Capitol?
by Sonicbo0mz January 18, 2021

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