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A trend in the United States of America where white kids shoot up a school
White kid: wtf I just did 9 damage this game is shit
Black kid: chill my negus it’s just a game
White kid: *shoots up the school with his dads ar the next day*
Black kid: wtf is with all these white kids doing school shootings
by simplerealistic January 19, 2019
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Yet another reason why "gun-free" zones don't work.
"There was another school shooting! Guns should be banned from school!"

"Weapons are already banned from school. Maybe if they weren't, students could DEFEND THEMSELVES"
by samj241 May 07, 2006
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Sorry to say but school shooting is so american now. Its non stop. And no i am not racist.
Eric: Hey dylan, wanna go on a school shooting?
Dylan: Nigga im dead.
Eric: Ok
by Alien Weed April 27, 2019
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1. Phrase for Kids getting pissed at there school, that they force ther way into their school, with a firearm, and shoot's teachers and Pupils. Often they shoot themself after. School Shootings are often blamed at at violent games, like Counter-Strike and GTA.

2. Rap Song, by Ill Bill - The Anatomy of a School Shooting.
1. Sad Parents- Why Did He Do It?!?!
Police Officer- Probaly Because Of That Counter-Strike..
Mad CS Player- FUCK YOU!!

2. Dont Try To Analyse Me now/
You Had You Chance Back Then/
Maybe You Could Have Been Me friend/
by JynKE April 11, 2005
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