dee-pawt-ment uv ed-yoo-kay-shun

1. The Communist institution that centralizes education at the federal level of the United States government.

2. The parasitical administration that pats themselves on the back for simultaneously brainwashing America's children and draining resources from actual workers who actually produce something of value.

3. Financial Terrorists who distort the market for student loans by artificially moving the supply of loans outward, thereby raising tuition costs.
The Department of Education gave away loans indiscriminately to would-be college students, allowing universities to increase their prices astronomically given this neverending supply of capital.
by George Stuffalottapuss January 4, 2012
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The totally not corrupt department of the US government that spends a quarter of their budget on what they're actually supposed to. They enjoy wasting money and paying their workers and investments nothing. They're so surprised that when they do nothing to improve themselves and only say so that nothing changes.
by Terraman60 October 15, 2019
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