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martial arts instruction that is fruadulent, inept or otherwise not worth trusting (from a pormonteau of bushido and bullshit)
If the instructor appears to be out to make money, than the chances are that you will probably encounter bullshido.
by Light Joker March 26, 2007
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Bullshido is a word used for martial arts that are taught incorrectly. Most often this refers to unverifiable credentials, bad training methods, and lying instructors intentional or otherwise. Bullshido can come in many any martial art, but is most prominent in the traditional martial arts. is most often given recognition for this term's origin, but it should be noted that there were uses before its conception (though much more sparing).
You've been wrestling for two weeks, and you've never been in competition. What you're teaching us is bullshido!

That Frank could knock out his opponents with mind bullets was complete bullshido.

I'm not training at some bullshido McDojo that charges 130 dollar testing fees!
by symmetraid March 16, 2008
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A term used in the martial arts world to describe a martial art based on ridiculous principles, practiced in a ridiculous way, or otherwise grossly ineffective. A play on the words bushido (way of the warrior) and bullshit.

Origin: Most likely
Ninjitsu is total bullshido
by Someone March 23, 2005
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Bullshido is what crappy martial arts studios/mcdojos teach you that will get owned in real life if you ever tried to use it.
guy1: So you know martial arts. Think you can take me?
guy2: You don't stand a chance.
guy1: Hit me.
guy2: *yells and does a finger strike to guy1's chest*
(unfortunately he never was never taught to train his fingers)
*breaks fingers*
guy1: Let me guess is that's the bullshido they teach you in that mcdojo across the street right?
by performance enhancing drugs October 26, 2006
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A catch-all term for bullshit in the martial arts community. Bullshido comes in various degrees of severity, and what constitutes bullshido is often contested. This term, along with McDojoism, is often used by proponents of MMA to describe the traditional arts (especially as they are practiced in the states). ( is often cited as the origin of this word, but this is not likely (as the word was in common useage before the site began).
1. Ki energy is a giant load of bullshido.

2. McDojos often sell bullshido.

3. The 'Yellow Bamboo' cult is the epitome of bullshido at its very ugliest.

4. There's no room for bullshido in MMA.

5. There's plenty of room for bullshido in Tae Kwon Do.
by Ashida Kim April 25, 2005
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