32 definitions by Some Dude

An idiot who comments on something and have no factual basis and couldn't keep his facts straight.
I caught a cold, then maybe I'm on steroids!!!

comment by boosoxfans: " Ended his career because of his own stupidity of taking steroids, which in some cases, can cause cancer. MLB should use Giambi as an example of the pitfalls of using steroids. I knew he was using it before the Yanks traded for him, just like every one of those A's players - McGuire, Canseco, Chavez, even Tejada. That's very unnatural bulk. "
by some dude July 27, 2004
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gangster, feared by many
I am a G
by some dude October 31, 2003
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Some Dude that hangs out at internet messageboards. His Avatars and Sigs are one of the best around. Also, no one loves him or care about him. A lot of people actually think he sucks.
Ban foulwing.
by some dude December 17, 2003
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the noun form of yo
Salutation: "Peace it yozer!"
by Some dude January 02, 2004
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holla me back ...................................
holla me back, sometime ...
by Some Dude April 06, 2005
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A store in which Barbie and Ken look-a-likes shop. Hated by non-conformists, it is a overpriced K-Mart. Actually, I think K-Mart has better quality. Many people are bashed for hating it, although most of the people that buy there do so just to fit in. Hate it or ove it, it's here to stay. I personally dislike it. And no, don't say I'm "poor", "ugly", "fat", or anything. Most people own less than ten articles from their. Unless you are rich and can afford it (don't know why I used to shop there), just ignore it.
A+F Shopper: I'm going to A+F tomorrow!
Non-Conformist: Dude, you're gay. Just die so I can spend my time brooding in my room at three in the morning, listening to death metal and conforming to other non-conformists.
A+F Shopper: Whatever.
by Some Dude April 04, 2005
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A very powerful warrior who uses fire energy to defeat his enemies. He is also a very excellent spriter and lives in the lair of Zetasphere.
I Firesalamander2K will smite you with my magma blade.
by Some Dude March 27, 2003
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