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Sonic the hedgehog is the fastest blue hedgehog alive. He has taken many different paths but one thing is the same about him, he is still blue and still running.
Sonic the hedgehog has the beSt video games ever - by shiza
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by Bunny435 June 13, 2017
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A fast, hyperactive blue hedgehog. He is impatient and has a few rivals. His favorite food is the Chili Dog. If he has 50 rings and all 7 chaos emeralds, he turns into the Unstoppable Super Sonic. If he has all 7 SUPER emeralds, he turns into the even more Unstoppable Hyper Sonic.
Tom played Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis.
by TheBlueHedgehog September 09, 2015
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Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Height: 100cm (3.3ft)
Weight: 35kg (77lbs)
Abilities: Speed, spin attack
Weaknesses: Impatience, he can't swim
Likes: Music, fast things
Dislikes: Tears, the word "slow"

Sonic the Hedgehog has taken many forms over the years; but one thing remains true: He is an anthromorphic blue hedgehog with super-speed abilities. He began his life in 1991 with the pivotal release of the Sega Genesis Classic, "Sonic the Hedgehog" and went on to star in over 15 videogames, with many spin-off titles and cameos in other game series. He's also had no less than four TV shows to his credit, two comic books, several action figure lines, and much, much more.

From 1991 until 2001, Sonic the Hedgehog enjoyed a full 10 years being exclusive to Sega consoles. In March of 2001, Sega announced they were transitioning out of the hardware business to software only, leaving our blue-blur to roam free across multiple videogame platforms.

Whether he's racing against gravity on towering skyscrapers or just chilling on the beach, he'll usually be found having fun. Never one to get snagged on regrets of the past, Sonic's eyes are set firmly on the horizon, and he's got the speed it takes to get him there.

While he's usually found alone, Sonic is very close friends with Miles "Tails" Prower, a young fox who idolizes him. He's (usually) on pretty good terms with his rival, Knuckles the Echidna, and will stop at nothing to avoid a run-in with Amy Rose, his self-proclaimed girlfriend.

Sonic's always around to put a kink into the world conquest schemes of his long-time enemy, Dr. Eggman. Utilizing his mad speed and spinning abilities, Sonic becomes a blazing, unstoppable pinball of doom and always manages to out-maneuver Eggman's mechanical monstrosities. By drawing on the positive forces of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic is able to transform into Super Sonic, enhancing all of his abilities as long as he's got Rings to feed the urge.
Most consider the Sega Genesis game Sonic & Knuckles to be the peak of Sonic the Hedgehog's career.
by Ryan Bloom December 27, 2003
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sonic the hedgehog, one of the best gaming characters next to all time and possibly one half of the reason why world war three will start, the other half being Mario.

Since 1991 Sonic has taken on a variety of different forms from comics to anime and had a mass of different voices the best being Ryan Drummond from Sonic adventure 1 - Sonic heroes. Recently he has been given some really stupid gimmicks like a werehog form, a sword, and for some reason chip (see sonic unleashed). These have made many once die hard Sonic fans loose interest in the little blue hero and either stop all together or go to Mario and Nintendo for saving.

His main rival is Dr Eggman/Robotnik who is always after the gems of the world, the Chaos Emeralds, to use to enslave the world and defeat his little blue nemesis. He was given a super form in 1992 which has been directly linked to Goku and Super Saiyan from Dragonball Z.

Sonic has been on a slippery slope downhill recently with games such as Sonic 06 on 360 and PS3 being more full of glitches than anything with the exception of PS3 COD4 and MW2 online play.

(it is worth noting all music from ALL sonic games it AWESOME)

While Sonic and SEGA are not doing very well anymore there are some who remember what he stands for Honour Courage and Justice and that is what Sonic will be remembered for by those who still believe.

Also Mario and Sonic can get along WHY CANT THE FANS FFS
Mario: Hey Sonic hows it going?

Sonic The Hedgehog: not too good man my recent game was a flop and now everyone hates me

Mario: aw dont worry man i got this new project coming up with everyone at Nintendo you want in?

Sonic: what is it?

Mario: Super Smash Bros Brawl, besides we need someone to knock captain Falcon off his perch fastest character

C.Falcon: thats right ladies the fastest character in the game i could beat Ganon, Bowser and Meta Knight and satify you all in under a minute

Peach: GTFO

Sonic: sure man i'd love to

after Brawl

Sonic: thanks man it was real fun

Mario: ok dont forget we are going to the olympics and winter olympics later

Sonic: ok i wont forget, what a nice guy

Mario: what a nice guy

Mario/Sonic fans: WTF THEY CAN'T GET ALONG

Shadow/Luigi: our time to shine

See Chalkra X Nazo Unleashed for Awesome Sonic DBZ style fights
by Sonic AND Mario Fan March 23, 2010
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