British Sports Car manufacturer. Founded in 1954 by Brian Lister, it took the fight to Jaguar and Aston Martin, but ceased car building in 1959 due to the death of Lister driver Archie Scott-Brown. The company was re-established in the 80's by ex-Jaguar engineer Laurence Pearce, selling tuned Jaguars. In 1993 Lister launched their first new car, the Storm, with a huge Jag 7.0 litre engine. The car would go on to have success in the late 90's, winning a number of European championships, but success at the Le Mans 24 hours for it and its short lived brother, the GTL, would always elude it.

Lister now have a Le Mans Prototype program, building first the Lister Storm LMP, which had very little success at all, and now the Storm Hybrid. Though much success will probably never be achieved due to lack of any serious funding.
The Lister Storm won the 2000 FIA GT Championship, but the LMP was never really any good.
by Shotteh April 12, 2006
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one of the heaviest garage MC's in North London. Featured in Club Bangers "Poka Games" and "My mums fit and u know it". However his career took a a turn for the worst when a movie clip surfaces on the internet featuring intimate scenes with him and fellow R.A.W crew member Mc George. Since then he has gone into hiding but is rumoured to still be in the London area.
Tracks included:
Poka Games
Silent Nights
43 times
My mums fit and u no it
by R.D.H April 21, 2005
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ungrateful ass hole who dont love anyone has no emotions someone who drinks nyQuil and someone is gay someone who doesnt take care of his children and some one is bipolar someone who names his kid after a dog some who wants to die someone some one who dont take a bath someone who wears a black oakley shirt with white shorts everyday some one who looks at a homeless person some one who sucks dick someone who has AIDS and every STD someone who has one kidney. somebody who mixes xanax, nyquil and vodka and scotch, someone who is bipolar, someone who's medicine cabinet looks like a drug store
Man i hate a Lister
by burger kuntry king June 13, 2009
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Someone who is really slow and takes ages to get there story out.Can be also known as a TRIGGER.
You get the temptation to say with a lister "T T T T TODAY KNOB CHEESE"
by Anna (a lister victim) June 30, 2004
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