When someone states their opinion that is a obvious bait to get people mad and fight in the comment/reply section
Don't waste your time with that tweet, it was obviously bait
by Bestintheworld115 September 1, 2020
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Meaning #1: Something obvious
Meaning #2: A well known or popular person/ place
A: Duck him down and take his phone
B: Nah man, that’s bait. He’ll see that it’s me

A: Bruv, I might go London uno
B: That place is bait
by SlangForDays March 6, 2021
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Enticing somebody of a lesser intelligence to engage in an online argument in order to make a display of their inadequacy.
I called (name) out on their shitty grammar in the hopes that they would get fired up. They took the bait and have been trying to talk down to me for an hour now.
by dickbuttarina November 19, 2015
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1.Trevor Diaz

when a person or persons contacts you to make plans and doesn’t follow through
“Is he still coming
Nah he’s bait
by MakB59 July 13, 2018
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known by many people. usually in a certain area.
"You can't go out with him, hes bait, everyone will find out."

by Benniiee January 1, 2009
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A DMV term( DC, Maryland, and Virgina)

A cute boy or girl that you are interested in is ...BAIT.
aye girl Where da BAIT at??

Did you see that nigga? he was the BAIT!
by DMVQueen February 4, 2010
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Usually associated with doing some kind of illegal/disobeying activities.

When someone is being "bait", it means that they are not being careful in whatever they are doing, and are likely to be caught.
If a situation is "bait", it means that there is a large chance of being caught at whatever you are doing.
Jevan: Oi, lets go do some shotties in the smoking area.

Henry: Naah mate, thats so bait!
by yeaaaaaaahmate October 26, 2011
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