Noun. A shortened form of Crack + town that was coined on The Simpsons episode 5F17. Crackton refers to that part of a town or city where the lowest elements of the socio-economic spectrum typically lives. Usually riddled by drug abuse and crime, Crackton contains many pawnshops, needle exchanges, check cashing facilities, family planning centers, laundrymats, pornography distributors, and thrift shops. Crackton is often known by other names including: skid row, junkyville and crackville.
Let's go to Crackton and score some smack.
by Slagathor April 23, 2004
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Nickname for Acton, a working class Toronto suburb known for its drugs, teen moms, low educational attainment rates, open racism, and some of the stupidest people alive. Any person with even a little bit going for them would get out of that place, using college or university as an escape route.
by The Real Canadian April 25, 2015
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