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Hence, Therefore
I am sick, ergo I have not done my chores.
by Slacker May 22, 2003

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Requiring a lot of attention; causing one to be troubled.
"I can't stand hanging out with that worsum woman."
by slacker March 11, 2004

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a swedish slang word for masturbating. is also used as profanity when used with substantives.
"jag ska bara dra en runk / i'm just gonna masturbate"

"sitter du där och runkar igen / are you sitting there jerking off again"

"tycker du om att runka / do you enjoy masturbating"

"du är ett jävla runk-huvud / you're a fucking jerk-head"

"jävla runkbil som aldrig startar / fucking jerk-car that never starts"
by slacker April 11, 2005

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Medical term referring to a form of erectile dysfunction common among immigrants and migrant farm workers.
That dirty bastard is suffering from some serious dhatp.
by slacker August 19, 2003

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A way of saying, "Indeed," only less queer.
Yo, check out the ass on that one. Fuckin' A!
by Slacker November 26, 2004

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The stain on your underwear from an unexpectedly wet fart.
"Man, I thought I just had to rip one and ended up with a flash burn"
by slacker April 04, 2004

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