The phenomenon of someone’s face being totally burnt / clipped out as white as a result of taking a picture too close to the camera or with a flash that is way too bright. Like sun burn, only caused momentarily by the bright light.
Wow, you have a major flash burn in that photo...
by 7obi March 29, 2006
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A painful scorching of yer eyeballs caused by an exceedingly UNattractive female's briefly revealing The Merchandise to you, creating such shock and revulsion that it actually injures your unsuspecting retinas. Usually non-permanent, but can eventually cause significant damage if repeated and/or prolonged "exposure" is suffered.
I suffered an unexpectedly "revealing" encounter with a senile resident while visiting the local nursing-home, and so I hadda be rushed to the facility's infirmary with minor flash-burn.
by QuacksO August 12, 2018
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